The Serpent

It is a mucky world to live in. The ending of this Netflix series left me feeling not so good, and I could not wait to leave that world behind. I was originally captivated by the colors, the sounds and the clothing of the time. The story of Charles Sobhraj’s victims set place in the 1970’s and so the colors and the frames are so vibrant, so rich in color, so loud. So exotic, and the story telling done so well. But when I think about how Sobhraj impacted not only his victims but nearly everyone who came in contact with him, I feel a pit in my stomach. At the end, I was as mad as Knippenberg was and it is crazy to me that in the whole series, he seemed to be the only one who understood how it important it was to capture Sobhraj. He showed his frustration about the situation, he was vulnerable many times, and never gave up. His raw emotions always felt right.

I know human’s are capable of doing so many awful things, and I don’t really enjoy watching movies about serial killers in general. Not because I can’t stomach those things, but because hope in those stories is but a dim light. Correcting the errors of people who do not care takes its toll on everyone. On society, on one’s family, on one’s own sense of self. Herman Knippenberg and his wife separated, due to the tension catching Sobhraj was causing in their relationship. Marie-Andree lived such a horrible time with him, living a double life. I can only imagine the stress she underwent each and every single day, living a lie. And I think about how frustrating it is that despite there being evidence, it was so hard to catch him. It took years and years and he was only really caught because he voluntarily went back to Nepal. The key word being here voluntarily. If he had not decided to go back, he would be a free man right now. More bodies piled up perhaps, causing people more harm. And so this story is also about the laws that are in place in each country. It is about countries passing on the work to someone else because there is just so much more work to do. It is about the officers, the people in higher positions, who do not listen. The laws that are put in place that are meant to protect us, but sometimes they do the opposite of that.

What was your take of the Netflix show The Serpent? Let me know!

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