Afternoon Time

My afternoons seem to fly by. I get home from my full time job around 4pm, and have about 5 hours of “free” time to do anything that I’d like. I try to go to bed around 9pm, but sometimes sleep later, if I have a hard time going to sleep. 5 hours sounds like a lot of time… but it doesn’t feel that way to me. If I add an hour of gym time, then that really leaves me with 4 hours. I have a job that requires I work on work when at home, so let’s say I spend a minimum of 1 hour working and prepping for my next day, then that leaves me with about 3 hours of time to myself. I have to cook, eat dinner, clean the house… so maybe 2 hours. It is difficult to unwind and relax with just two hours a day. And this wouldn’t include other house keeping tasks or completing small life goals that I’ve set for myself, which would make it feel like I’d have to work after work after work. I know some people are not off from their job until 5pm, or even 6pm and I just wouldn’t know what to do with my time if that were my case. So tomorrow after work I will brew some tea, sit down, and do some well deserved pondering.

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What about you? What does your afternoon schedule look like and do you feel you have the time you need to unwind during your day? How do you do it?

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Time

  1. Before COVID I worked full time and went to school full time. Making time for myself was something I struggled with aswell, but I would say planning out my days helped me a lot. Instead of cooking everyday I meal prepped every 3-4 days, I would also choose a few days out of the week to knock my chores out. The other days I would dedicate my time to anything else I felt like doing, whether it was a hobby or laying in bed all day.


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