Online Stream

Sometimes I get a strong desire to watch movies online with strangers. Have you ever felt this way? This notion that you want to experience something with a group of strangers, online?

Watching movies, for me, can definitely be a great solo experience or an experience shared with another person in the same room. But watching movies online with people you do not know is on a whole other level. I absolutely love it. I love it because of the experience. You do not know these people, and these people do not know you. You are in the safety of your house, and also, have the liberty to communicate with other people who are in the safety of their home. You can communicate during the movie. Get this, you can actually express thoughts and opinions while watching a movie and it not be a troublesome experience for those involved. When watching movies with others in person, there are some people who talk the whole time the movie is playing, and we know that can get frustrating. While watching a movie online with others, most services have a text chat option, where you can type while you watch the movie. And I am all for that. Watching the movie and typing in thoughts or responses in the chat box and having real humans respond back is an experience like no other. These other people have insights or know certain facts that make the movie that much more interesting when you are watching it, and it is not intrusive to the movie, the way a human voice might be.

If it hadn’t been for these online watch parties, I would have never experienced movies like Perfect Blue, The Boy and the Beast, Airplane!, The VelociPastor and Phantom of the Paradise in the way that I did. When I think of these movies, not only do I think back fondly on the movie itself, but I also vividly remember the insightful conversations that I had with online strangers while watching them.

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