It Takes Strength

Joining a new gym can be a tricky thing. You’d want to know if you are going mainly for the free weights, the cardio machines, or for the fitness classes. Maybe they even have some cool amenities that you keep eyeing, like their tennis courts or sauna. Maybe you just like the pool, because you love to swim. Either way, some research needs to be done before selecting a gym.

The first gym I ever signed up for was really cool. It had a big pool, huge locker area with showers, was two stories high and they offered a variety of group classes and spin classes. They had an indoor running track area upstairs, and a soccer/volley court downstairs. There was also a climbing wall in one section too.

The second gym I signed up for, many years later, was also pretty amazing. It was two stores high. They had a huge pool, a jacuzzi, a big changing room area with showers, and a sauna. They offered a variety of group classes, spin classes, had an outdoor area for tennis, pickleball, and volleyball. Racquetball rooms were offered indoors. There was a a kid zone, and relaxation areas, like massage chairs and hydro massage.

The third gym, I just signed up for about a month ago. It is one floor only, and offers about three different kinds of group classes. They have hydro massage and of course, cardio equipment and a free weight area. Out of the all the gyms I’ve attended, this is the smallest one and the one with less amenities offered. I’ve been attending their gym classes since, but I want to start using their weight machines too. Most of my gym experience has been spent doing cardio or yoga, and without all of the other amenities offered, I have to be very intentional with how I spend my time there and what I decide to do.

I still need more time for this gym to grow on me. I’d like to learn how to put workouts together, so that I can do them at the gym. I know sometimes that less can be more, and if I never really used all the amenities in the other gyms, what difference would it make if this gym had them but I never used them either? What has your experience been like joining a gym? What are some weight training exercises you like to do while there? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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