Ballon Catastrophe

Imagine you are walking out of the store, with your brand new purchase of a single balloon. As you near the exit, the double doors slide open for you and as you step confidently forwards, you hear a pop. A loud pop that scares not only you but the fellow people around you. You are alarmed, you look down, and in your hand you are holding not only the string that was holding your helium balloon, but a shriveled up balloon no longer inflated. This balloon had popped on its own for what seems like absolutely no reason at all. How would you feel? Besides the obvious feelings like alarmed, scared, embarrassed and disbelief, somewhere inside you, I’d imagine, you’d feel inconvenienced. Not only had you made it as far down as walking away and towards the doors, you now have to take more time out of your day to walk back towards the salesperson and explain to the salesperson what happened and why you need a new balloon, of the exact same size, color, and price. Would you even bother? Was it worth it? And what if you did buy a new one and the same thing happened to you once you reached those double wide doors once more? What would you do then?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

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