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Maybe it Wasn’t Ready

That blog post you wanted to publish? Maybe it wasn’t ready. Maybe other words would have flown out if you had waited. Instead of putting something out just for the sake of it, spend some time waiting.

Not a Lot

of people talk about what it feels like to be the friend who does not have a baby when your best fried decides to have one. How lonely you feel when your friend has a baby, not because you want a baby yourself, but because now, things between you and your friend have changed. YouContinue reading “Not a Lot”

A Thought on Thoughts

I wonder if all thoughts need to be taken into consideration. I imagine the horrible ones, the ones telling you to do something bad or ugly, you should probably disregard. Or perhaps you shouldn’t. Because instead you can try to understand where this horrible thought is coming from. And it can help determine if somethingContinue reading “A Thought on Thoughts”

From Now On

I will just tell myself that He is Just Not that Into You whenever I start falling for a person who may or may not even like me back. Like the guy I see on a daily basis, the one I’ve had a massive crush on since the first time I saw him. Instead ofContinue reading “From Now On”


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