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In my head

I always feel like a deer caught in the lights when I start to frequent a place so often. Whether that be the workplace, or a gym, or a dance class. You start seeing the same faces week after week and although you are not family or friends, or even acquaintances in some instances, theseContinue reading “In my head”


I used to think that love was enough to keep a relationship alive and healthy. I know now that that is not the case. The three most important words are not ” I love you,” but ” I trust you.” And with trust, we can build a case. Trust is where the heart needs toContinue reading “Understanding”

It Takes Strength

Joining a new gym can be a tricky thing. You’d want to know if you are going mainly for the free weights, the cardio machines, or for the fitness classes. Maybe they even have some cool amenities that you keep eyeing, like their tennis courts or sauna. Maybe you just like the pool, because youContinue reading “It Takes Strength”

People want to know

When someone dies, people want to know, how? People want an explanation. They want to know what the persons last few months were like – especially if they died of an illness. They want to know, did they love me? Did they want to hear my voice one last time? Did they want to talkContinue reading “People want to know”


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